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Rethink Fabrics' mission is to create innovative, quality t-shirts made from recycled plastic waste and brought to life with a simple story. We are making a difference for the future and bringing recycled technology into the mainstream.


Rethink Fabrics, the environment and Eco Fashion

Since 2008, Rethink Fabrics has been redefining the standard for producing high quality garments with the environment in mind. Our story begins with a bottle count of each garment. Rethink manufactures and distributes apparel produced entirely from recycled plastic bottles. By exclusively focusing on recycled plastic waste as a valuable resource in the manufacturing process, Rethink is creating quality clothes from what most consider trash. We sell to a variety of customers, including private label, wholesale, and retail. Our garments are offered branded, unbranded, and co-branded. Our goal is to promote recycling in the mainstream by repurposing plastic waste into a desirable product.


Rethink Fabrics
1037 NE 65th St. #369
Seattle, WA 98115, USA
Phone (888) 594-8520
Fax (888) 844-2356

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