Have you heard of the Eco Index? The Eco Index was created by the Apparel Coalition and has the potential to significantly change what kind of products consumers buy with an intricate rating system. This is the result of over 100 companies working together for one goal. That goal is to give consumers the opportunity to understand the impact certain products have on the environment including everything from the material the product is made from to the end life of the product.

In this rating system effects from all seven stages of a product are thoroughly examined, cradle to the grave. The areas of impact are the land use intensity, water, waste, biodiversity, chemistry/toxics – people, chemistry/toxics – environment, and energy use/greenhouse gas emissions. Products will receive numbers on theThis rating system will allow consumers to think twice before they make a buying decision. Check out this project that Rethink Fabrics is involved in that will have a great impact in the near future!



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