Reality or Perception

I just read a great article by Steven Cristol titled “Is Your Brand’s Sustainability Really Worth Talking About?

In this article Mr. Cristol lays out several useful points about the communication of sustainability and discusses the difference between a brands reality and perception.

We are in the early stages of planning new products for 2013 and as we begin this process I am inspired by how our company is structured and would like to share some highlights.

To give you a brief background, Rethink specializes in garments made from recycled PET (from plastic bottles) and we are best known for our Signature T-shirt as it is the softest product of it’s kind in the market.  We focus on creating high quality yarns, great styling and fabrics that feel and perform better than what currently exists (and it’s made in the most sustainable way possible.)  In reality and perception, we are a sustainable company and focus efforts not only on the environmental aspects of our product but also on the social side of how we conduct ourselves and care for our partners in business.

I am often saying that our product is more than a t-shirt, sure, it’s obviously a t-shirt but the why and how this garment is made is fundamentally different than how garments are typically produced.  The why, we are taking a raw material that is considered waste and turning it in to a high quality, desirable product that people want to wear.  The how, we care about how our product is made and ensure the people who make our product are treated fairly and in a way that makes them happy.  It sounds crazy that a business is in business to make people happy but this is what it all boils down to, we want our suppliers, sellers and buyers to be happy about how our product looks, feels and know that it did not cause harm to the environment or people.

I like to call it a conscious sourcing model, we care very much about our supply chain and through relationships we have been able to maneuver successfully in an industry full of giant players.

What is it that is causing this change in the game?  For me, it simply doesn’t feel good to beat suppliers up in the name of price when we can still offer superior value in a way that is good for everyone.

By // Stacy Flynn


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