We make a difference rethinking plastic waste in an unprecedented way. Our 100% recycled polyester, also known as rPET, delivers superior softness that looks and feels like nothing else you have worn before in the sustainable market.

why rethink

Rethink exclusively specializes in rPET garments, boasting product performance and product detailing, such as competitive anti microbial and wicking features. Rethink creates high quality basic apparel that is innovative and certifiable through a tracer in the US fiber and the environmental benefits of the garments are measurable through our Rethink Index.

Garment recyclable garments to end waste and complete cradle to cradle cycle.

RETHINK's core garments have been engineered for garment recycling; at the end of its life a RETHINK garment can be reclaimed and transformed into a new garment. The old shirt is shredded and turned into PET crystal, the fabric or garment recycled crystal is then extruded and turned into new apparel grade fibers.


  • Each garment easily identifies the numbers of plastic bottles in each product
  • Superior soft hand feel and currently best in the market
  • Rethink Index provides metrics that allows you to track and promote your efforts. The measurements can be used as a carbon offset and a total environmental impact statement will be sent at year end
  • High quality – in garment performance and product detailing: anti-microbial and wicking
  • 100% rPET garments and specialized expertise in rPET products only
  • Garment recyclable garments to end waste and complete cradle to cradle cycle
  • We have control over and a tight supply chain, from fiber, yarn, cut, sew to finishing
  • All garments are certified and traceable to ensure credibility
  • We help the environment by taking a plastic waste problem and turning it into a desirable resource
  • Rethink promotes and educates about the benefits and possibilities of plastic recycling
  • Support US fiber and yarn mills
  • We demonstrate and encourage innovation and cutting edge technology



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